Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday's pigs

I surprised the kids yesterday morning with corn muffins. One by one they came downstairs, lured by the smell of something baking in the oven. One by one, they bit into the steaming muffins, and one by one their faces fell.


This was weird. I'm usually a fairly competent baker, though since I went gluten free a year ago I bake much less. I took a tiny taste just to see what the deal was and BLEH! Baking soda! Evidently I put in 3 tsp of baking soda rather than 3 tsp of baking powder. Into the rubbish they went.

Eddie the Coonhound stole one out of the trash can and downed it with evident relish, which gave me the idea to feed the damn things to the Terra Firma pigs. So I put them in a bag and put the bag in the front seat of the car for the next day.

Brian, unfortunately, discovered them there while picking Nell up from swim practice that evening. Nell said he spit the muffin out the window.

Brian eats everything. They were truly awful.

Here's Nell with her bag o' treats for the pigs.

These two piggies fought over the first one.

The rest came over to see what the commotion was all about and quickly downed what was left in the bag.

Got any more of those DELICIOUS muffins, Nell?

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