Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cooper's Hawk

While Nell, Simon and I spent the day at a swim meet in Ansonia, CT, Brian and Ben drove over to Old Saybrook to help Brian's parents get ready to move. They are downsizing to a retirement community here in Mystic. They have a big house full of stuff which has to be shrunk to fit a small, easy livin' apartment.

So we are getting lots of stuff.

While they were at Grandma's house, a Cooper's Hawk flew into the plate glass window in the kitchen and died instantly in the bushes.

Brian is a great fan of hawks. He pulls over when he's driving to watch them fly. He stops whatever he's doing in the yard. He runs outside if the kids see one out there. He pages through his hawk field guide during his rare moments of leisure.

And then, boom! A hawk falls out of the sky.

He brought it home in a bag to show the kids. (I almost wrote "to FEED the kids.") They love hawks like he does. They spent quite a while just looking at that hawk.

Because you just don't see that every day.....

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